Nonprofit Power!
There are thousands of nonprofit organizations in the Triangle area. Nonprofits work tirelessly to change lives. The Triangle Nonprofit and Volunteer Leadership Center provides valuable resources and information to support and empower these organizations.

Our mission is to strengthen the nonprofit community and by doing so create a stronger and more vibrant community for us all. Our nonprofit services include:
Sessions cover nonprofit best practices such as board development, social media, fundraising strategies, marketing, and financial policies, as well as volunteer recruitment and management.

The Center is a national HUB for Points of Light offering the Service Enterprise training.  This intensive capacity-building model includes 16 hours of training, diagnostics, coaching and national certification. 

Free Online Volunteer & Event Posting
To recruit volunteers with our online resource ( become a member by clicking here. is a free service where non-profits can post volunteer opportunities and stay in contact with volunteers.

Collective Impact
Effective community change requires cross-sector coordination. The mission of The Center is to provide resources to nonprofits that enhance their impact and mission. The Triangle Nonprofit and Volunteer Leadership Center assists in the coordination of integrated strategies to address common social issues.

As a hub that supports and strengthens nonprofits, The Triangle Nonprofit and Volunteer Leadership Center brings together nonprofit agencies with similar goals. This ends the isolation of individual agencies. The Center can help smaller organizations maximize limited resources and avoid duplication of services.

Great Human Race
The Human Race is a nationwide community fundraising event for nonprofit organizations. In the Triangle, the Great Human Race is the largest collaborative fundraising event benefiting hundreds of nonprofits in the Triangle, having raised over $3 million since it debuted in 1996. For many nonprofits this is their largest annual fundraiser with some agencies raising over $20K

Resource Referrals 
The Triangle Nonprofit and Volunteer Leadership Center can make referrals for in-kind donations from businesses and organizations to Triangle nonprofits such as office equipment/furniture, etc.

The Triangle Nonprofit and Volunteer Leadership Center is happy to provide access to a "library" of nonprofit best practice information and templates as well as free job postings, monthly news update and weekly alerts that include grant deadlines, events and other areas of interest for the nonprofit community.

The Center also provides consulting on topics surrounding nonprofit best practices as well as Board Development  strategies and Board Retreat assistance. 
Speakers Bureau
Provides access and exposure to civic groups

Key Volunteer of the Year Event and Governor's Service Award
For more than 45 years, the Center has coordinated this annual event for area nonprofits to recognize their most valuable volunteers. The Center organizes volunteer recognition for the Governor's Office for Wake, Orange and Durham counties as well. 

Make A Difference Day
Opportunity for community wide volunteering with corporate partners. 

Did You Know?

Nonprofits are essential for North Carolina’s quality of life and for attracting business and keeping it here.
  • Delivering needed services – food banks feeding the hungry, hospices care for the sick and dying.
  • Educating the public on vital issues – the dangers of smoking, how to stop child abuse.
  • Finding solutions – cleaning up polluted streams, providing day care for working families.
  • Nurturing our culture – providing music, theater, arts, and ways to learn about our history.
  • Engaging people in the community – volunteering with Habitat For Humanity.
  • Providing a voice for the voiceless – speaking out for children or seniors with disabilities.
  • Improving government policies – researching and advocating ways to improve education.
  • Providing faith-based activities – houses of worship, community service projects.
Nonprofits struggle to respond to needs with much less funding.
  • 83% of NC nonprofits saw more demand for their services in 2013, but only 29% were able to meet the demands. Economic stress, population growth, and social problems increase the demands on nonprofits.
  • Record numbers of people across the state are seeking help at food banks, crisis assistance centers, homeless shelters, and consumer credit counseling services.
  • At the same time, nonprofits struggle to raise funds. Charitable giving and government contracts are both down.
  • Consider giving more this year to 2-3 nonprofits working on problems of concern to you – some to direct services and some to address the root causes of the problems.
  • According to a Harris Interactive study, 84% of people prefer to receive a gift that benefits someone else instead of a traditional present. Consider making donations in the names of friends and family members instead of purchasing presents. 


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