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Make the Most of Your Fundraising Efforts!
There are two primary ways to fundraise for your favorite nonprofit:
  1. By collecting pledges using our pledge sheet
  2. And/or by using our online fundraising tool

How to get started using a pledge sheet:

  1. Pick up a pledge sheet from the nonprofit organization you are supporting, from participating businesses, or from the Volunteer Center of Durham.

  2. Fill out your collection envelope or pledge form completely. Write your name and the nonprofit organization’s name clearly on the top lines.  Let the nonprofit organization know you are collecting donations for them. 
  3. Once you begin collecting pledges, be sure each donor writes their name, address and phone number on the pledge sheet.
  4.  All checks should be made out to the Great Human Race.  Be sure the donor writes the name of the nonprofit you are collecting for on the memo line. 
  5. If you collect cash, we ask that you replace it with a personal check for that amount. 
  6. Be sure to photocopy your form before Race Day in case you need to collect outstanding pledges.  We encourage you to thank your sponsors with a thank you note so this information will be very important.  

Turn in your pledge sheet and money to your nonprofit GHR coordinator prior to Race Day, or you can turn in your pledge sheet and money on Great Human Race Day.

Online Fundraising
Nearly 70% of all Great Human Race donations are made online. In 2012 3,495 individual donations were made totaling $181,195. We will be offering all agencies online fundraising again this year. More information and detailed directions will be coming soon. You may still collect traditional pledges with a pledge form as well as online to reach your 2013 goal and surpass last year’s total.
How It Works!

Pledges raised online are directly paid to the Great Human Race and will be credited to your nonprofit account, which each agency can set-up. Online pledges are subject to credit card processing fee as determined by the vendor. We will deduct this fee after online donations are totaled. For example, if you raise $1,000 online and the processing fee is 4.75% then $47.50 will be deducted from your online total.  Please note, ALL donations are subject to 15% fee as this is the fee for participating in the GHR. With this in mind, online donations are subject to a total 15% plus the vendor online processing fee and donations made via checks are subject to 15% fee only.

Other Helpful Tips

Set a goal.  For example, 10 donations of $25 = $250. The average online pledge last year was $51.86 so raising $250 is a realistic goal.  Our top individual fundaiser raised over $4,000 for the nonprofit of her choice.  We suggest you ask EVERYONE...share your passion for your organization and spread the word about the important work you do.

Organize your efforts. Create your Team or Individual Online Fundraising page. Sent it out to everyone you know! Carry your pledge sheet with you at all times. Try to collect your donations at the time you ask for support. Come up with an easy way to ASK EVERYONE! The more you ask, the more you’ll get. Don’t be afraid that someone will say no. If they do, just say thank you for your time and encourage them to come out and walk or run on Race Day.


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