Share Your Christmas Sponsors Make the Holidays Sparkle!
If you would like to sponsor, you can complete the sponsorship form or call our Share Your Christmas Phone Line (919) 998-8595. 
Sponsors can deliver directly to a family or deliver to our Distribution Center located at Northgate Mall.
If you are delivering directly to the family be sure to contact them for the best time to deliver.
If you are unable to get in contact with your family please call their social worker. (This information was included in your family information.)
If are are delivering your gifts to the Distribution Center at Northgate Mall the available dates for delivery are November 29-December 11.
The Center's hours are: Monday-Friday 8:30am-6pm, Saturdays 10am-2pm and Sundays 12noon-4pm.
Click here for map of Northgate  Mall distribution center location
What am I signing up for if I become a Sponsor?

Sponsoring a family for Share your Christmas will be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll have this year!

  • All families referred to the program are Department of Social Services clients who are elderly, disabled or families with children in the home.
  • Sponsors must purchase new gift items for the selected families they agree to sponsor.
  • Sponsors are asked to spend a minimum of $65 for every person they agree to sponsor. (For example, if you agree to sponsor a family of four, we ask that you spend a minimum of $260 for the entire family on new gift items)
  • Sponsors will be provided a complete gift wish list for the family or individual they agree to sponsor.
  • Sponsors have the option of delivering gifts directly to the families or to our gift collection and distribution site at Northgate Mall. If you deliver to the Northgate site by December 11, the referring social worker will ensure the gifts are delivered directly to the family on behalf of the sponsors.  
Sponsors calling the "Share Your Christmas" phone line will be asked:
  • How many people you would like to sponsor? This may be determined by how much money you would like to spend.
  • How many families you would like to sponsor?
  • Would you like to deliver directly to the family or drop gifts off at the Northgate Mall distribution center?
  • Do you have any other preferences regarding the type of family you would like to sponsor?

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